When to get a crankshaft replacement?

August 4, 2021
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If there is an issue with your crankshaft, you will be able to tell by certain signs within your car. More specifically, there are certain issues that can show you have an issue with your bad crankshaft position sensor, which will influence the crankshaft replacement cost.


The crankshaft position sensor detects how fast the crankshaft is spinning, and then sends this information to the engine control unit in your vehicle. This information can determine how the engine control unit should regulate the timing of the spinning and the ignition system. Without the proper timing, the right amount of power will not be able to be produced to power the ignition system.


The crankshaft position alerts the engine control unit to the inner workings of the timing chain, gear wheels, and the belt, letting the camshaft operate the exhaust valves at the right times. If the valves do not open and close at the right times, this can cause problems with the exhaust system, which will enhance the total crankshaft replacement cost.


By containing a crankshaft position sensor, the internal combustion engine can gain the right information about the position and speed of the crankshaft. This can help sort out the problems with the functionality of the engine and the car's performance, ensuring that there are no crankshaft issues that will point to a necessary crankshaft replacement.

Engine Vibrations


If you feel any vibrations coming from your engine, the engine control unit might not be able to manage the crankshaft properly. Because of this, your engine will continue to vibrate constantly and violently while you are driving. You might even be able to feel those vibrations in the wheel, alerting you to the problem early, and letting you have a chance to spend less money on a crankshaft replacement cost.

Check Engine Light


The engine control unit always is talking to the crankshaft position sensor, meaning that there is something wrong with the sensor, the computer will not receive the right information about the crankshaft speed and position. This can cause the Check Engine warning light to illuminate on the dashboard. This is generally one of the first symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor, showing how the early detection can lower the total crankshaft replacement cost.

Weak Engine Performance


If your crankshaft position sensor is faulty, then the engine control unit will not be given the right information about the position of the crankshaft or cylinders. This can cause a delay in the information given to the electronic control unit’s system and lessen the ability to keep the engine operating at the optimum performance level.


During this delay, this can cause the gas pedal acceleration to hesitate or not respond at all, creating a dangerous situation for you and other drivers. By fixing this bad crankshaft position sensor, you can avoid a more expensive crankshaft replacement cost in the future.

Trouble Starting Car


The engine control unit is notified when the crankshaft position sensor is not working properly. If the engine control unit is given a specific code where it indicates the problem with functionality, it can also be more difficult to start your vehicle since the engine might not be able to get started as easily. Make sure you fix this issue with the engine before continuing to drive your car, as engine issues can skyrocket the total crankshaft replacement cost.

Engine Stalling


The engine stalling involves your car suddenly stopping running while driving – as you can imagine, this is a dangerous problem. If you do not fix this issue when you first notice the stalling, the engine can die completely, meaning you have to get your car towed once it breaks down – leading to a more costly crankshaft replacement cost when you add in towing and the engine replacement price.

Cylinder Misfiring


A crankshaft position sensor that is not working correctly will not be able to send the right data about the piston position to the engine control unit. This can lead to engine misfiring inside the chamber cylinders, with the initial issue coming back to a bad crankshaft position sensor. A misfiring engine can cause more issues in the future, leading to a higher crankshaft replacement cost.