The crankshaft maintenance requirements

July 23, 2021
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1, thoroughly clean the crankcase oil and its internal way, must be carefully check and make sure: the crankcase oil internal clean clear, the horizontal clapboard shall not be a crack of the body, the installation seal face must not have Nick and damage.

2, carefully check the crankcase cylinder liner seat surface, to ensure assembly seat surface level off is smooth, no bruising, scratch or other defect. Check the cylinder liner seat surface of between flatness, in the crankcase cylinder liner plane within the total length of the flatness must not be more than 0.1 mm.

3, the crankcase spindle tile apparatus such as a slightly cut, strain, can use the fine YouShi or no. Sand paper the grinding level off after use. Serious wounds, strain or horizontal layer with crack, can use the following repair methods: (1) minor scratches, strain or loss of the circle, can pass will spindle watts to enlarge the hole apparatus with watts of method to solve. (2) if the scratch, a deep scratches, box horizontal layer with crack or bearings in ", through the method of thermal spraying can be repaired. Note: thermal spraying must use a mature, high-tech advanced technology to complete, after spraying for inspecting the high precision apparatus must be on the boring processing, to ensure the coaxial tolerance spindle tile apparatus requirements.

4, such as a main bearing cover damage, with all of the diesel engine main bearing cover must also change, can enlarge hole with high precision with tile or thermal spraying high precision bore after repair methods, etc.

5 and the Lord bearing cover assembly must accordingly, shall not be exchanged. The Numbers order is: by the flywheel start: the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (to fan section)

6, check the spindle watts, CAM when all the apparatus in length is between two holes on the axis of the coaxial tolerance must comply with deutz air-cooled diesel requirements.

7 and the Lord bearing cover bolts, the cylinder cover bolts if there is a crack or, must be replaced. The cylinder cover bolts of elongation more than rating, also must be replaced.

8, the cylinder head bolt hole and other threads to enlarge the hole hole allowed with set treatment, but the apparatus to enlarge the hole thread should be keep original size.

9, the crankcase everywhere on the wall or loose cover sealing bad, should be replaced plugging cover, and the pouring sealant.

10, crankshaft spindle tile wear after the off-gauge must, in accordance with the requirements of the repair level, according to the main journal crankshaft the grinding size for replacement, ensure the crankshaft shaft neck and spindle watts of fitting clearance conform to specified requirements.

11, CAM stem bushing and camshaft shaft neck with clearance must meet the requirements limit, more than the size of the limit must be replaced. When installation, must pay attention to bushing oiling hole with the crankcase oil hole on the positive.

12, crankshaft spindle watts and CAM stem bushing wear not overrun, but surface have Nick, erosion point pockmark and burn the phenomenon such as melting, must be replaced.

13, crankshaft spindle watts and CAM stem bushing no scratch, erosion point or other damage, can use the color the method of the examination to determine whether can continue to use. If the coloring of small area and uneven, it must be the grinding the crankshaft.

14, cleaning and check the crankcase ventilation device, such as a crack, damage or damage, should be repaired or replaced.

15, examining a breathing apparatus, any injury or damage, must be repaired or replaced. If I can't judge the quality of the ventilator, the ma chine confirmed: high-speed diesel engine idling, measuring the crankcase waste gas pressure, guarantee the waste gas pressure in 2 ~ 6 mbar range, more than the value must repair or replace respirator.

16, check the diesel engine installation teams oil pan, flywheel legs, shell oil seal apron, accessories, pipe parts, such as a crack, deformation and damaged, replace it.