Clutch Disc Replacement: Three Essential Planning Tips for Effective Repairs

December 28, 2021
Latest company news about Clutch Disc Replacement: Three Essential Planning Tips for Effective Repairs

The clutch disc is an indispensable component in a manual transmission automobile. This unit is designed to engage the power transmission of the system during operation. When the vehicle starts and stops or experiences a gear change, the clutch is involved. Therefore, it is not unusual for this part to become worn out due to the friction generated when driving. Moreover, the wear might be accelerated by the increase of load when towing or hauling heavy loads constantly. If you suspect that your disc is damaged, you should plan for immediate replacement. Here are simple tips to consider when planning for this form of clutch repair.


Evaluate the Performance


It is advisable to evaluate the performance of your vehicle and confirm that the replacement of the clutch disc is required. In some cases, operational problems in your manual transmission might be caused by the degradation of other components. The most common sign of clutch disc damage is slipping, especially when towing, accelerating and going up hills. Also, when the part is engaged, there might be jerking and unusual sounds. In addition, look out for a burning smell from the working clutch.


Choose an Ideal Component


If your clutch disc is damaged, you will need to acquire a new component for replacement. Repairs might be possible if only the associated parts are degraded but the clutch is in a good state. However, if it has significant wear or breakage, you will need to install a new one. Under normal circumstances, you should opt for a stock part designed for use in the specific vehicle model. This type of component will have good performance for regular driving. However, if you are involved in high-speed driving or heavy haulage and towing, it might be worthwhile to invest in a performance disc.


Replace Associated Parts


It might be tempting to only replace the clutch disc when conducting repairs on your vehicle. This option is inexpensive and fast. However, you should keep in mind that there are associated components in the automobile which tend to wear out at the same rate as this critical unit. Therefore, when planning for the repair, it is advisable to check on these other parts and ensure that they are in good condition. If not, replace them along with the disc. The important elements include the pressure plate, slave cylinder and the thrust bearing.

Finally, you should plan on draining the fluid in the cylinders after replacing the clutch damaged disc for ideal hydraulic performance.